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Distress Index

I recently found an interesting meter that should be used to compare the mood of the people, historically.

The significant stats are as they appear for the presidents, then and now.

The statistics are culled from common indicators, compiled by the Federal Government. The formula uses the following criteria to arrive at the meter:

Household Financial Obligations as a percent of Disposable Personal Income (FODSP)

Total Capacity Utilization (TCU)

Gross Domestic Product

Consumer Price Index


The interesting statistics are for the 3 presidents, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

The stark differences are telling. In fact, it shows what appears to be a very good representation of the mood of the country during times.

Bill Clinton: 38.0
George W. Bush: 46.4
Barack Obama: 59.8

During the Clinton years, there was little distress. There were no wars, the economy was in decent shape, people were working and the only thing we got from Washington was the typical, partisan bickering and some real entertainment from Slick Willy. Let’s face it, a scandal  every other month makes for some serious hillarity.

During the “W.” years, the economy was, like with Clinton, doing very well – the country hovered at around 4% unemployment, which is, essentially ZERO unemployment, anyone that wanted a job could get one. The stock market hit several record highs and the mood of the country was pretty good. Then came various natural disasters, 9/11 then the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Katrina followed. And, with a press that does all they can to destroy a right winger, the mood of the country soured. The biggest mistake made by “W.” was to allow Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike, to spend, spend and spend some more. Deficits began to grow with no end in sight. When Bush left office, the deficit was sitting at about $450,000,000,000. That a big number!

Additionally, the woes of policies put in place in previous years before Bush was elected came to fruition. This caused the housing market crash, construction went down the tubes. Then came the market crash and banking crisis, the collapse of insurance companies and stock firms, and unemployment followed.

Once Barack Obama was elected, the mood of the country raised a bit, swelled with the promise of a post-racial president who was going to take care of us all.

None of that is working out so well.

Looking at the distress meter, it becomes clear that Obama is a total failure. Of course, that is no mystery to me. He told America who he is and what he believes.  The country got caught up in the “Audacity of Hope”. The chant “Yes we can” has quickly become “Yes we CAN’T”.

President Obama has spent more in the first 18 month of his presidency than Bush and Clinton combined did, in 16 years. The spending continues, unabated and unchecked. This president continues to provide hand outs to people that neither need it nor want it. The latest is an extension of unemployment benefits up to 99 weeks. Doing the math, this comes to almost 2 years of unemployment for each person that is not gainfully employed.

Unemployment is a short term, stop gap measure, used by working people to supplement a loss of income due to no fault of their own. The worker pays for this, along with the employer, in the form of a tax, taken from their paycheck while they work, in case they are let go, they can continue to feed their family while they find new employ.

At 99 weeks, there is no real incentive to find employ. We can all simply wait till the “economy improves” to look for work.

If anyone wants to know the thoughtlessness and general lack of knowledge in Washington concerning how the economy works, take listen to what the dim witted, Speaker of the House, Nancy Perlosi said about unemployment:


So, if that’s the case, why not us ALL go on unemployment and REALLY spur the faltering economy?

This, in fact, is nothing more that more than more socialist, wealth redistribution scheme from a Marxist administration that is clueless about what actually creates jobs. Hint – they are not created by government.

When a government employee makes more than a private sector employee doing the same job, there is nothing on the horizon but doom.

When there are no private sector jobs being created, which pay for public sector jobs and public sector jobs are increasing at an unprecedented pace, thee is no outlook but doom.

When wealth redistribution takes place, incentive to earn, save, invest and generate wealth dies. Innovation dies. The ability to engage in entrepreneurship dies. Productivity drops, in all sectors of the job markets. Wealth redistribution requires people to be at odds with one another, people are divided by race, sex, financial, religious background, immigration status and any other criteria the re-distributors can use to ensure that people remain “disenfranchised”.

Keeping general populace in a state of flux, in a state of fear and paranoid gives these people the ability to pretend to be the ones that will liberate them from their problems. Not to mention that, since the “rich have too much”, the saviors will take from them to give to the less fortunate.

In any aspect, this is an immoral position. Under no circumstances is what belongs to one person available to anyone else by means of thievery.

It is interesting to note that the people complain about how corporations are corrupt. But few complain about how corrupt the people in government are. The people complain about products that they buy, being sub par or not worth what they paid for that product. We complain about not getting our monies worth. But the same people are all too quick to give the government more and more power without even blinking.

The problem with this way of thinking is that, if you didn’t like the burger you bought from clown number one – you can go to clown number 2 and see if that’s any better. If not, go see the young girl. If you don’t like that sandwich, make your way to the king. There are options in the market, always.

With government, we are stuck with what we have. There are no options. Everyone hates monopolies. But the people that complain most about monopolies are the ones that all too eager to provide the biggest, most intrusive and corrupt monopoly of all, the government,  more power. This is a peculiar condition.

With the Obama administration, there is little wonder why the distress meter is at high.