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The “dumming down” Continues in America

What, with all the talk of public sector employees being ‘attacked’, and none more than teachers, this kind of thing should be looked at, closely.

For a long time America has witnessed the downward slide of education, from elementary school all the way up to the college level.

The people that are doing this are, in short, shameless.

In many municipalities throughout the country they are doing away with the competitive nature of education, along with the great edge that good students get from their efforts. One would think that students would like this. That would be an incorrect assumption.

Instinctively, people are competitive. We are competitive, by nature. If there are no scores, what is the point of doing better, or even well, at anything? After all, we are all “equal”.

As it happens, students are complaining about this practice, put in place, I would wager, by teachers unions, since ther is a push to hold teachers accountable for their students grades. If a particular class is not doing well, that teacher should be scrutinized for their teaching methods and practices.

As is the way of unions, no one should be help accountable, since that would mean putting a spot light on the education system, along with many union member teachers.

The unfortunate reality is, since America has no more news outlets, the majority of Americans do not get this most important news.

The stories are short and sparse.

Here is one from Boulder, Co.

Another from Cincinnati, Oh.

This, from a Minnesota blog.

See the size of the stories. The fact that these stories appear more in blogs than in news outlets, is disturbing.

Apparently, this practice would provide students with a wider field of possibilities for getting into better institutions of higher learning.

The question is, as in sports, if there is no score, how do we know who is winning.

But that is, precisely,  what is at stake. If do not grade anyone, no one wins, then no one is help accountable for failures.

This smacks of self-preservation by the mass, cattle like education system and the education lobby/unions.