Monthly Archives: September 2011

The Administration of Arrogance

We can see the arrogance of this bunch in Washington all over the place. Obama and his merry gang of fools are destroying the nation, one bailout at a time!

From that passage of the health care monstrosity to the union bailouts and now, with the Solyndra scandal at full pitch and other failures looming, we can see, clearly, that this administration cares nothing about the “people”.

Finger pointing, blaming others, making excuses and engaging in activism is what this team is all about.

Under no circumstances will this clan take responsibility for any of their failures. In the interest of fairness, the current administration “inherited” and bad situation. Of that there can be no argument. The economy was in a downward trend. Unemployment would have drop, consumer confidence would have been lower and energy prices would have increased – SOME!

What the imposter in chief and his Democrat enablers have done, though, is make matters considerably worse than was necessary.

This current scandal concerning the energy company, Solyndra, is a huge, and very clean, plate glass window into the dirty dealings of this administration.

Barack Obama and his merry gang of leftists run fast and loose with tax payer money.

The previous stimulus program did not work – some would argue otherwise but there is no evidence that there was any improvement, unless you are China, in which case you stand to collect massive amounts of money in interest.

In America we do not drill for oil, because its dirty business and the socialists care more about the environment that capitalists do, at least that is the lie they would have you believe. If that were so, why would the administration send billions of dollars to Brazil, so that they can drill for oil there and all the while destroy the energy industry in America? Can Brazil actually drill for oil in a cleaner manner than American companies? I would venture to guess “NO!”.

This is nothing more that wealth redistribution – it is someone else’s turn to make money at the cost of the American economy. No one else will say it, but I will – this is nothing short of treason!

Car companies got theirs from the tax payer – oh, wait, UNIONS got theirs from the tax payer. Ford Car Company seems to be doing just fine without owing the tax payer any money. No, this was not an altruistic move by the administration, this was nothing less than payback for Union money. Consider that the unions went to the front of the line when the car company restructured. That flies in the face of law. Look it up.

The Solyndra scandal is no different. Tax payer money goes to fund a company where owners and investors were top donors to the Obama campaign.

Leftists hate capitalism, cronyism, corporate bailouts and profits; unless they are the ones doing the deeds and stealing, er. profiting.

This is transparent, there is no way for anyone, even ardent supporters of this shyster that is currently occupying the White House to not see the facts!

The man is classless, shameless and completely devoid of decorum.

Barack Obama must go and the rest of the leftists in Congress and in any position of power should follow closely.