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Sandy Hook Elementary & The Tragedy of Politicians

On the heel of this unfathomable tragedy in Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, it is predictable how certain politics will respond.

Not with a moment of silence, not in a respect or empathy for the fallen or the family members that are suffering this true tragedy.

Rather, communists and socialists do what they always do – try to use the event to erode freedoms.

There is a truism that cannot be avoided in times like these. In fact, it is most unfortunate that times like these have to be buttressed by commentary from a political perspective.

As it happens often, the leftists start this fight, it takes right thinking people to fight them, and do so as hard as they are coming after our freedom, to ensure that, in spite of a terrible situation like this in Connecticut, we remain ever more vigilant.

No sooner than those little ones and their teachers were slain, mayors of major cities started calling for gun control. Senators starting their shrill cries for more gun control. Celebrities of the leftist kind began their normal march towards more gun control. The President gave his obligatory speech in the face of this awful scene, shedding a tear and saying that he will do everything in his power to prevent anything like this to happen again. The truth is, there is nothing he can do to stop anything, like this or otherwise, to happen again.

As if gun control, in other words, taking away your liberty to be an adult, will do anything to curb violence, school shootings or any other kind.

Some perspective;

Back in June or 2011, in Norway, some 85 people were killed, in one fell swoop, by someone using a gun. Norway has some of the strictest gun laws in developed nations.

In September 11, 2001, some 3000 people were killed, almost at one time, not a single shot was fired.

On April, 1995, a government building was almost demolished by one individual armed with nothing more innocuous than a van, some fertilizer and kerosene. In that attack, 168 souls were lost – not a single shot was fired.

There are numerous accounts of attacks and crimes thwarted by law abiding citizens that own legal weapons. This is almost never cited by the left.

These are just a few, more prominent examples, but there are many others that can lend precious perspective to the politicians.

However, as is the case, they are not interested in facts, figures or perspective.

These politicians are shameless abusers of their constituents. They are the ones that use these horrible situations for their own purposes.

Dianne Feinstein, Michael Bloomberg, Eric Holder, President Barack Obama.

These are all whole cloth socialists that will, at any chance, force you and I to live in a world of their making, whether we want it or not. Fascism is alive and well in America and it is living in Washington, D.C.

Do not be fooled by any of this righteous indignation, this false empathy that you see and hear from these types of people.