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NATO – Why It Is Time To End The Treaty

In 1958, Charles de Gaulle was president of France. He sent a letter to President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Prime Minister Harold Macmillan to protest the power that the United States and the United Kingdom swayed in the NATO treaty. President de Gaulle wanted more power for his country, who can blame him.

However, Charles de Gaulle had another concern. Worries of France being pulled in to a NATO–Warsaw Pact war. de Gaulle wanted to be able to negotiate a peace deal with members of Warsaw, separate from the NATO members if a conflict broke out. In essence, France wanted it both ways.

With friends like these…

Thomas Jefferson once said, “Commerce with all, alliance with none should be our motto”. As with many of the founders of the grate American Republic, Jefferson must have had a crystal ball – he must have seen NATO coming.

There are 28 member nations of NATO. Members of significance are the United Kingdom, Turkey, Spain, Poland, Italy, Greece, Germany, France and the United States. Of significance, meaning countries that have better than 100,00 active troops available in case of war, see the table at the end.

That is a grand total of 9 countries, our of the 28 members, that can make a dent in a conflict. This, of course, is not to demean smaller countries, but to illustrate the disparity and the burden this treaty places on the minority of the nations involved. This about troops. When you couple that with the money that is spent by other nations, the inequity becomes much more considerable.

The United States foots the bill for NATO.

If, in the eventuality that America gets attacked, are any of these smaller nations, I’d dare ask this of the other 8 nations, ready and willing to come to the aid of their benefactor? I am skeptical of this arrangement.

This treaty must be reviewed, not with a “compassionate” eye. But, with an eye towards a future that will allow America to flourish, stop deficit spending and help to create a world in which such treaties are not necessary.

Meanwhile, nations need to handle their own business, if help is required – ask. If there is a situation that threatens the well being or interests of other nations – other nations should intervene, accordingly. If it is the United States that needs to get involved, so be it.

If the United States must get involved, the resolution should be swift and decisive!

Country Active personnel Reserve personnel Total
 Albania 8,500 5,000 13,500
 Belgium 24,500 100,500 125,000
 Bulgaria 35,000 302,500 337,500
 Canada 68,000 27,000 95,000
 Croatia 18,000 180,000 198,000
 Czech Republic 21,057 2,359 23,416
 Denmark 20,003 63,000 78,000
 Estonia 3,209 60,000 63,209
 France 222,215 100,000 322,215
 Germany 180,676 145,000 325,676
 Greece 180,000 280,000 460,000
 Hungary 29,700 8400 38,100
 Iceland 210 170 380
 Italy 180,000 41,867 220,867
 Latvia 6,000 11,000 17,000
 Lithuania 15,839 4,550 20,389
 Luxembourg 1,057 278 1,335
 Netherlands 47,660 57,200 104,860
 Norway 26,200 56,200 82,400
 Poland 120,000 515,000 635,000
 Portugal 44,900 210,930 255,830
 Romania 73,350 79,900 153,250
 Slovakia 16,000 16,000
 Slovenia 7,300 1,500 8,801
 Spain 123,000 16,200 139,200
 Turkey 620,473 429,000 1,041,900
 United Kingdom 205,851 181,720 387,571
 United States 1,369,532 850,880 2,220,412
 NATO 3,585,000 3,745,000 7,330,000