In the United States of American there is a thing called the Constitution.

This document, the Constitution, keeps the federal government restrained and under control.

When the government does not follow the laws of the nation, the laws that have been put in place, not telling the federal government what they can do, rather, it tells the government what it CANNOT do, the federal beast becomes uncontrolled, unruly and totally tyrannical.

Today, tyranny reigns supreme.

The upcoming election, less than a week from now, will serve as notice. However, it will not help to curb the lawlessness with which this President, with the help of Congress, is manifesting itself.

Unfortunately, elections have consequences, indeed. The issue is that the consequences are always suffered by the people, the tax payers, the electorate, the voters.

Never are consequences felt at the federal level. The government behemoth continues to take wealth out of the economy, if not directly by taxation and/or regulation, by redistributing the wealth that is created locally.

Post election activity is poised to be something that resembles nothing this country has ever seen. The issue at hand – immigration.

This president will, by fiat, create laws out of whole cloth, laws he has no authority to create. He will bypass Congress and allow illegal immigrants green cards, perhaps even citizenship. We will see how far this man is willing to go with his imperial methods.

Allowing illegal immigrants amnesty, in any form, is bad for the country.

High unemployment, low employment participation rates, wages in decline, and other economic metrics, which are mostly in the negative, makes one wonder why this government would harm the country it serves.

The answer is a simple one – power!

That “fundamental transformation” this president spoke of when first elected, that what this is all about. Bring in totally uneducated, non-English speaking persons from other cultures, through political correctness, force the country to accept their cultures and have America be influenced by these instead of having the foreign cultures assimilate into the American culture and require the newly arrived to learn the language of the nation.

So, at this time there is no more America – the name should be changed to Barackistan!